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July 30, 2020: Along with COVID production, we are now back to producing non-COVID items as well.

March 16, 2020: Allen Manufacturing, Inc. has converted over to producting for the Coronavirus Pandemic. All of our production is concentrating on making

Parts for hospiatal beds

Making duffle bags for parts of temporary hospital walls

Making face shields

And making face masks at cost. (

If you need Covid production, reach out to us right away and we will do our part. If you have non-Covid production, please inquire, but we cannot move you ahead of Covid production. Thank you. Be safe and healthy.

Allen Manufacturing, Inc. is one of the most trusted contract assembly, cutting and stitching companies in the country. Since it’s founding, the company’s distinguished reputation has been built on its founding philosophy of quality workmanship and fair pricing standards. With relationships built on delivering top quality products on time and on budget, it is no wonder that many of the largest suppliers in the retail industry use Allen Manufacturing as their contractor of choice.

Allen Mfg excels at small, medium and large production runs. Many of Allen Mfg’s large customers started off with just 100 units and have built to thousands of units.

Usually, Allen Mfg will handle a project from pattern making to sampling to die making, to production, inspection, packaging, packing and shipping. However, for some clients, Allen Mfg will only do selected processes. It is your project and you get to decide.

Allen Manufacturing is located in the Hill Mill in Lewiston, Maine. The weaving looms have long been silenced and removed from this still bustling textile mill. This "Grande Dame" of manufacturing (pictured above) still plays a vital role in the economy of the Lewiston/Auburn area. Lewiston, a textile center for over 150 years, boasts a dedicated and skilled work force, with a strong work ethic.

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