Made in USA

Pictured above is a manual travelling head. We have four manuals and one programmable automatic.

Die Cutting Services

Some of the materials we die cut are:

Sail Cloth
Most any textile can be cut on our equipment.

Outsourcing your die cutting needs saves money. When outsourcing, you don't need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on die cutting equipment, maintenance and backup equipment. You save the time, energy and money of hiring and training qualified personnel.

With multiple cutting and die cutting methods, we can analyze your project and determine the least expensive die cutting method for your project. For instance, leather is usually faster on a clicker, but rolled goods are usually faster on a travelling head. Some rolled goods die cut more efficiently on an automatic travelling head and others die cut more efficiently on a standard travelling head.

Our automatic travelling head die cutting machine was built in 2006 exactly to our specifications. With over 50 years of die cutting experience, we knew exactly what we wanted the machine to do. We researched the market to find the die cutting machine that would work to our specifications. The right machine was not available, so we had one built. This travelling head die cutting machine, costing tens of thousands of dollars, has improved our efficiency even beyond our projections. These efficiencies and cost savings are passed onto our customers in lower rates. These lower rates help our customers keep their die cutting 'Made in USA'.
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