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Many of Allen Manufacturing services are listed here. If you don't see what you need, please call or email.

Stitching of all types
  Including, computerized stitching, surging, post stitching and fancy stitching.

  With three different types of cutting machines, Clicker, Traveling Head (aka: dinker), Programmable Traveling Head, and knife cutting, Allen Manufacturing can handle any cutting job quickly and efficiently. Allen Mfg cuts leather, canvas, cloth, cordura, nylon, foam, felt, fleece, spandex, playing cards, many fabrics and other materials.

  Allen Mfg can take your finished product and package it in almost any manner you need, including, heat seal, header card, hang tags, price tagging and labeling.

  Allen Mfg can assemble your product. Such as: sample books; kits; sets; box assembly; and, product inspection to name just a few.

  Sit down with Allen Mfg and let them review your product. Along with suggesting potential design changes, Allen Mfg often suggests changes that will make the product less expensive to produce and still meet your specifications. That is part of Allen Mfg’s service. There is no extra charge for consulting.

Pattern Making & Sampling
  Using your idea, rough pattern, finished prototype or final product, Allen Mfg can develop your pattern, and produce your prototype.

  Allen Mfg has a long history of designing products for their customers. Bring your idea to Allen Mfg and let them assist you in completing your design.

Re-labeling - Private Labeling
  Allen Mfg can take a finished product and replace an existing label with a new label. Maybe you purchased closeout merchandise from a brand name manufacturer and they require that their label be removed. Allen Mfg can do that for you.

Drop Shipping
  Using USPS, UPS or FedEx, Allen Mfg can drop ship and blind ship product to your customers on your time schedule. With Allen Mfg’s access to large discounts, Allen Mfg can certainly cut your current shipping costs.

Material Sourcing
  Be it leather, canvas, fabrics, zippers, rivets or any other supplies, with decades of experience, Allen Mfg can help you find the right material suppliers, at the right price and right quality. Like consulting, this is part of Allen Mfg’s service and it's provided at no extra charge.

  Have you used another manufacturer who completed your product incorrectly? Often times, Allen Mfg can correct another factory’s errors and salvage the product for you.

Allen Mfg has a diverse and experienced staff. If you don't see what you want or need, just ask.
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